Packs, Prep, and Plans



Pictured here are our carefully selected belongings stuffed into two packs and one little daypack.  As you might have guessed, I’m carrying a few more things than Ben but both of our bags weigh in under 25 pounds! I’m quite pleased with that…

The specifics? Even if you didn’t want them, I’m going to give them to you anyway. My pack is an Osprey Farpoint 55 L with a detachable daypack. They zip together very cutely. This will be its maiden voyage so I’ll have to check back in later with a review. On the other hand, Ben’s Osprey Kestral 48 L pack successfully accompanied him through Senegal and Morocco for a month last April, so that’s promising!

Skip below for the PLAN if you’re not interested in reading my toiletry list.

Here is my nitty-gritty packing list: (I get this question a lot):

Clothing: 1 pr jean shorts, 1 pr running shorts, 1 pr leggings, 1 pr corduroys, 1 running tank top, 2 plain tank tops, 4 short sleeve T shirts, 1 long sleeve T shirt, 1 sweater, 1 rain jacket, 1 bathing suit, 4 pr socks, 1 pr pj shorts, 7 underwear, 2 bras [No, this does not cover me for colder climates… I will need to buy colder weather clothing when we get to such places or ask my parents to ship stuff down.]

Shoes: Havaianas flip flops (for showering in gross places), Chaco Sandals, Nike Sneakers

Electronics: Macbook Air + charger, iPhone + charger, adapters, 2 64 GB SD cards, Canon 70D with kit lens (decided not to bring my nice lens…*sigh*) + charger, Lacie hard drive

Toiletries: face wash, aloe, sunscreen, bar of soap, shampoo/conditioner, razor, comb, tooth paste, toothbrush, floss, contact solution, contact case, extra contacts, DEET, mascara, makeup remover, nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, Q-tips, body wipes, tissues, diva cup, malaria pills, antibiotics, activated charcoal pills, advil, aspirin, bandaids

Misc: passport, vaccination booklet, wallet, sunglasses, belt, hair ties and clips, watch, 2 prs of earrings, small crossbody purse, small mirror, pens, sketchbook, moneybelt, baseball cap, canvas bag, Sea to Summit insect repellect sleep sack, 2 padlocks + cable, Turkish towel, Osprey rain cover, copies of passport, driver’s license, vaccinations, and travel insurance


A trip this big takes a lot of preparation, as you might imagine. Ben and I have been preparing for months and because it’s late and I’m leaving in 6 hours, I’m just going to give a  shortened list of of our prep for now:

  • Obtain travel insurance
    • I went with World Nomads (covers me for medical, trip delay/cancellation, and theft/damage to personal items)
  • Check our banks’ travel policies and notify them of our travel plans so they don’t stop our cards
    • Research best banks for international travel-> Open checking account with Charles Schwab (no foreign transaction fees or foreign ATM fees)
  • Research different countries, visas, transportation routes, cost per day
  • Get vaccinated! I got Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Hepatitis A, and a Tetanus booster
  • Set up my absentee ballot to be emailed to me
  • Create profile on Couchsurfing and WorkAway
  • Suspend phone number with AT&T so I don’t have to pay my bill while I’m not using it

And voila! Just kidding, there was a lot more than this, but you get the idea.


Tomorrow we board a 6:30 am flight to Mexico City (with a short stopover in Houston).  We booked a sweet little private room in a hostel for 3 nights and then ???? We have no plans after that.  But we will talk to people and figure out a plan to go South to Oaxaca, then East to the Yucatan, and then South again to Belize, and onwards!




2 thoughts on “Packs, Prep, and Plans

  1. Sounds like you’re well-prepared. I always believed in traveling light. Have a great trip. Looking forward to hearing from you soon & often.


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