Photo Journal: A Sunny Day at the Coast

Last weekend my friend Greta visited us in Portland so we decided to take a day trip to the Oregon Coast.  The destination? Cannon Beach- a lovable little beach town, home to the famous Haystack Rock and Ecola State Park (not to be mistaken for Ebola or E. coli).  It was a gorgeous sunny day, and WARM- despite the treacherously snowy road conditions on the way there and back.

I could barely peel myself away from the camera viewfinder… just a constant onslaught of stunning natural beauty.  But I’ll let my photos do the story telling this time.


8 thoughts on “Photo Journal: A Sunny Day at the Coast

  1. Jack and I drove through those forests on our way home from Jacksonville/Ashlan area. It is gorgeous but even then without snow very treacherous. Lovely lovely pictures. We enjoy sharing your adventures!
    Marilyn and Jack


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