Trillium Lake Engagement Photo Shoot (not mine!)


Getting into the world of engagement photography is tricky because every time I say something like, “I have an engagement shoot this weekend!” I have to quickly clarify that it’s not my own before I get a “OMG CONGRATULATIONS!”

So let me clarify: in the last few months or so I’ve started doing portrait and engagement shoots as a freelance photographer.  I’m aiming to specialize in “adventure shoots” because a) I don’t have a studio and b) hiking and getting messy in the outdoors is a lot more fun and genuine.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing a very sweet couple, Emily and Karlek, who are going to be married next August in Boston.  They moved to Portland recently and are making the most of the PNWonderland, so it was only fitting that their engagement shoot would entail a 4 mile round trip hike over seven feet of snow, walking on top of a semi frozen lake (and somewhat falling through), and getting sweaty, wet, and red noses in the process.

We couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful day or more perfect light. Many thanks to Emily + Karlek for being up for it!

170212-10170212-69Do you see what I mean about the snow?170212-29170212-1Gotta sneak in the ol’ ring shot! 170212-26170212-22170212-37170212-42170212-55170212-60170212-67170212-62170212-79“Ok now run towards me whilst looking lovingly at each other!” ft. Emily’s perfect hair bounce.

Tooo stinkin’ cute!

7 thoughts on “Trillium Lake Engagement Photo Shoot (not mine!)

  1. Beautiful! They are very lucky to have you create those moments. Is there any end to your talent? Extraordinary writer and nature photographer and now you capture people’s humanity in a way that really tells a story.


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