Photo Journal: Autumn Adventures in the Mountains

In typical Colorado fashion, fall here has ranged from 80 degree scorchers to 20 and snowing.  September started off with smoky haze from wildfires in surrounding states, while October kicked off the season’s first snow storm.  Somewhere along the way, the aspen colors peaked and then fell, Ben and I adopted an adorable puppy named Juniper, and I fell deeper in love with Colorado and all its mountain glory.

We even snuck in a few camping trips with our new fluffy friend and I was lucky enough to catch my fair share of sunrises and sunsets.

A few of my favorite moments are captured below…I hope you enjoy.

Happy Halloween!! O.o

_MG_2790ps2A smoky sunset in Boulder, up Flagstaff Mountain._MG_2813psweb_MG_2867I swam in this creek countless times this summer and can’t begin to convey its beauty as I see it. But here is a try._MG_3063_MG_3123A solo adventure to a forgotten old barn somewhere in Boulder’s open space._MG_3177Aspens, a camo hammocker and her watch dog on a hike near Kenosha Pass during the height of fall color._MG_3239 2Fog rolling over Echo Lake, obscuring giant mountain peaks in the background, but reminding me to pay attention to the simplicity of the foreground._MG_3300 2-2Pondering life and listening to the snow melt on a closed road I ventured up on foot one chilly day._MG_3354 2Aspen-marbled mountains near Idaho Springs._MG_3468Baby Juniper on her first ever hike at 10 weeks old. She loved it!_MG_3502_MG_3586When seasons collide: Chautauqua Park _MG_3607A view of the first Flatiron from Flagstaff Road._MG_3650Juniper exploring Twin Lakes, CO and finding lots of deer poop to munch on when I’m not looking._MG_3733Ben and Juniper playing along the deserted shore of Lake Dillon at sunset, during our first night camping with Juniper.

As we arrived at the lake in the late afternoon we were surprised to learn that all of the campgrounds were closed for the season. The only forest service road we could find was extremely rocky and steep.

Finally we managed to accidentally discover a dirt road that led us to an employee back entrance to the exact campground we originally had in mind, right on the lake shore. Since it was closed we had the whole place to ourselves and Juniper could roam freely, which was a lot of fun to watch._MG_3887_MG_3779Me in my new favorite horse jacket soaking in the last rays along Lake Dillon, before the sun disappeared and the temp dropped to 37 degrees._MG_3856Sunrise glow gracing the tip of Peak One. _MG_3875Thank you for reading! : )

2 thoughts on “Photo Journal: Autumn Adventures in the Mountains

  1. Very cool editing of your daily experiences. Many people can’t grasp how these type of experiences are there in front of us daily if we just slow down for the few seconds it takes to focus in, breathe and enjoy. Thanks, for the constant reminders.


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